Every man cry out loud:

Every man cry out loud:

I have a silver eye and a lead eye

and I shout freedom… bang bang !

I seek the essence so I won’t be left without dinner

in vibrant impetus to crucify tedium

not for or against but in contradiction

Because perfection is boring.

Nothing is beautiful or chaotic by decree

I’m always talking about me

in the need of independence and suspicion

With the right to proclaim without convincing.

I’ve known the shiver and the awakening,

settled in the power of disorder

Established in denial.

Lightening and vertigo, on purpose or by chance

in constant mockery of oneself

to satisfy the sickly curiosity,

in personal bum brrum without precise harmony

subjectivity ally, microcosm adict

I laugh and weep in public and privately.

Logic complicates me, ethos stunt me

always strained to life and the memory of my failures,

guardian awaiting strong and precise works,

Forever misunderstood.

I search poison to die a 99.44%

And rebirth again with closed eyes.

I usually sleep in the razor’s edge

I wanted to train fleas in a circus

But Daddy didn’t like the idea.

I like to pee in the street like in a shell? Cartridge?

In order to be arrested and beaten, so I can beat back.

I can’t afford to be successful and…

I howl, I howl, I howl… repeat it 30 times or more